My name is Martin Evers.


During the 1st half of my career (1996 – 2019) I worked in multinational companies, in techno commercial functions of regional & global responsibility. This experience has allowed me to build expertise in both B2B Sales & in Purchasing.


In 2020, I decided to start using this Sales & Purchasing expertise in Freelance mode, for different Clients. That’s when I created my own company : “Represent Global”.

What’s the core business of Represent Global ?

The submenu “Services” explains in more detail the different ways of manufacturer’s representation which I offer, Sales wise & Purchasing wise.

The global responsibilities I’ve had during the 1st half of my career, have given me cross-cultural & cross-regional exposure. I’ve worked not only in different European countries, but also in South America. Additionally, I’ve had extensive negotiation experiences in Asia. Consequently, I now feel as a fish in the sea when negotiation with Customers or Suppliers, in different languages, in any region of the globe.

Although my experience was built mainly within the Automotive industry, it’s certainly relevant enough to also be applied in other industries. In other words, Represent Global adds value to clients in both the Automotive & non-Automotive industries.

Above you find a link to my LinkedIn profile.